Sweet, Savory Or Spicy

Our custom blends and mixes have became our signature. Whether you are looking for something for snack time, a dessert, or something to add a burst of flavor to side dishes, we have so many to offer. Maybe you have a sweet tooth or maybe you are more into the savory or spicy flavors, we have them all. Each mix follows a carefully thought out recipe to create unique flavors. When creating our mixes we keep one word in our head: simple. We strive to create mixes that are so simple all you have to do to most is add 1 or 2 things. Our goal is to create powerful flavors in every mix so you can whip up delicious goodies at home without all the hassle.

  • Classic Pickles

    Crunchy and crisp in sweet, sour, and spicy varieties. Chips, sandwich slices, and wedges available. Great for a snack right out of the jar or add to sandwiches, burgers and more.

  • Rub & Seasoning Blends

    Over 30 custom blends of spices to create powerful flavors. Add to meat, vegetables, side dishes and more! Use as a dry rub, marinade, or seasoning. Bursting with flavor to make your favorite dishes pop.

    Rubs & Seasonings 
  • Fruity Wine Slushy Mixes

    Fruity, frozen, and tasty. Calling all you wine lovers, this one is for you! So simple and so yummy. Just add a bottle of your favorite wine and a little water and you're on your way to a refreshing slushy. Use red wine, white wine, or champage. Perfect for a hot summer day or great for a girls night in.

    Wine Slushy Mixes 
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