About Us

Our Story

We are a family owned small business that strives to provide unique products. We started Simply Baked Confections in 2020 during the middle of a pandemic, crazy right? Originally we offered baked treats to friends, family and set up at local farmers markets. We decided that even though we love to bake sometimes it can be tough-especially with this Florida weather. We needed something more. Something that was unique and creative that we could put our signature touch to.

In 2021, Simply Baked Confections & Mixes was born. Starting in the middle of a pandemic was rough, but as we expanded our business, things began to open. We started with our cookie mixes and slowly added other mixes, pickles, and jellies. We started getting into craft shows, art events, markets and more to get our name out there! Our mixes became a hit and we spent even more time creating new and interesting flavors and tastes. So here we are!

Every mix and baked good is created and packaged with love and care. When adding mixes we had one word in mind: simple. Our goal is to offer mixes that are easy, quick and simple. We want to provide the necessities for you to create tasty treats and delicious baked goods at home without all the hassle.

We use all natural ingredients to deliver quality baked goods and mixes. Every mix is hand blended and created with love. Find your favorites today!

We can't thank you enough for supporting our small business. You put a smile on our face and we hope we can do the same.